I’m Hanna. I’m an Australian-born RAD-elaidian, currently residing in Berlin.


I’ve been practicing yoga, on and off, for over 10 years.

On; when I was feeling out of control, and off; when things were smooth sailing again.


After a couple of these out-of-control life events became too much, I ended up in a therapist’s office. And then I came back to yoga.


And that was the cycle.

Go kinda nuts – Go to therapy – Do yoga – Get better – Get worse again – Repeat.


After my most recent bout of therapy, I finally realised that whenever shit hit the fan, I would get on my yoga mat.


Fast forward four years, and I’ve been far more consistent. Not every day, life happens, but almost every day.


And then I became a yoga teacher.


One of the biggest things yoga has done for me, is to help me appreciate my body. When I was a teenager, I developed an eating disorder. I was truly cruel to myself.


Practicing yoga, real yoga, has totally changed my perspective of my human flesh costume.


And that’s really all it is! When I teach, I try to remind my students of that.

Truly, if you can breathe, you can do yoga. The rest is play.


I hope to see you on the mat soon <3


Namast’ay Real.