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Strength & Flexibility – Peak Pose: Headstand
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Headstand. Woo hoo!
Don’t freak out. We’re all freaking out enough right now. Instead, work with me through a series of asanas, designed to help you lift upside down into this very fun, kinda-scary-but-once-you-nail-it-you-feel-incredible pose.

Backbends – Peak Pose: Wheel
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Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana, as the cool kids are calling it, is a big ol’ backbend.
To get into a backbend this deep, it’s not just about having a flexi spine. You need open shoulders and chest, and, strangely enough, (although, as yogis we know it’s all connected), you need flexible quad muscles.  These are all the groups we’ll be working on, so we can open our hearts wide, and send all that loving energy out into the world. Or to someone who needs it.

Flexible Hips and Hamstrings – Peak Pose: Splits
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The splits, or Hanumanasana, monkey pose, is one of those ultimate yoga poses. It’s working our legs, our hips, our core stability, and most definitely our minds. When I first started practicing on a regular basis, there was no way I was ever getting my hips all the way down. I used bolsters upon bolsters and would writhe in agony as I tried to hold the stretch as long as I could. And then I let it go. I stopped trying to work into the pose, and instead focused on my regular practice. I worked on lengthening my hamstrings, stretching my hip flexors, and strengthening my core. One day, I was feeling flexy after a class and thought I’d give it a go, and lo-and-behold, the splits! Practicing non attachment is a great lesson of yoga, and one I would recommend to bring to the mat every time.

Make sure to check out this Half Splits video before getting started:

Open Shoulders, Open Hips – Peak Pose: Compass
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Compass Pose is totally one of those yoga pretzel poses that makes you shake your head and go, ‘uh-uh.’ While the pose itself is totally nuts, getting there is so much fun! This practice is going to target your shoulders, hamstrings and hips, to help you get to *your* version of True North. Remember, the compass isn’t the destination, it’s the thing that leads the way. And the lead up for this practice is a whole lotta goodness.

Challenging Balance – Peak Pose: Bird of Paradise
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Bird of Paradise. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? I had so much fun creating this practice, which has a whole heap of challenging asana, designed to open your shoulders, stretch your hamstrings, and oh yes, get the juices flowing in your hips. Did I mention you also need to balance too? All the things! Binding is tricky, and not everyone’s going to get there. I recommend using a strap, or something strap-like, which you can use to help you. I hope you have as much fun as I did.

Building Strength: Arms & Core – Peak Pose: Crow
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One of the most common arm balances in yoga, Crow Pose, is often taught as a beginner or introductory arm balance. I think this pose is hard. It requires strength, focus, and flexibility. Arm balances are tough on the wrists, so there’s plenty of wrist warm ups to ensure your hands feel strong and ready to help you fly. And of course, you don’t get strong without working on that belly. Plenty of core to warm you from the inside.

Open & Stretch the Legs – Peak Pose: Tripod Headstand
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Tripod Headstand is another variation of standing on your head, that requires balance, stability, and strength. Coming into it from a wide-legged forward fold is like playing a video game on hard level. I’m not gonna lie, this pose is not my forte. You’ll see that in the video 😉
Because we’re moving into this pose from a wide-legged position, we’ll be working a lot into the legs, and finding deep stretch through the inner thighs. Generally a tight area, there are a lot of standing poses in this one to help us lengthen some of our largest muscles. And if you don’t go upside-down on your head, no problem! Maybe you find more depth in your forward fold, and that is a great place to be.

Balance, Backbends & Booty – Peak Pose: Dancer’s
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Dancer’s Pose, or Natarajasana, has always been one of my favourite poses to practice. Not only is it accessible at lots of levels, it’s also working a whole heap of our body. It’s a balance, a backbend, and a great stretch for the quadriceps and glutes. Plus, it looks so pretty!
In this class, we’ll work on all the elements required to come into Natarajasana in a way that might feel a bit new. After having a play, we’ll get into the pose we know and love so you can quickly take the next amazing photo for your Instagram account 😉
I hope you all enjoy getting your dance on with me!

LIVE: TGI Friday Yoga Flow – Every Friday @ 18:00
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Every Friday, we work towards a NEW peak pose.
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